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We are currently establishing the English shop.


Do you speak Danish? Check out the Danish shop – courses are available.


Book a 1:1 or reach out for a tailor-made course!

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Prepare for success in time

Solo-entrepreneurs often forget to prep for success. Want to know where to start? Book a 1:1.

Be smart – get ready to defend what you worked for!

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Protect your enterprise

Regardless of your size – I got you covered.

Start upgrading your people’s product protection knowledge today – reach out to get a course for your project managers, leaders, or researchers. 

Or maybe you want a life science course? Let’s talk.

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Tailor made illustrated by Gyde

Get a tailor-made course

Sometimes a “one-size-fits-all” course is not what you need. Maybe it’s not for your business, but for your inventor’s club or business networking group.

Let me help you with a course – tailor-made for your business!

Language illustrated by Gyde

PATENTsmarter™ is currently working on online- courses for entrepreneurs and enterprises in English. See the Danish courses here: