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This is the online space associated with the life course that was planned for R&D and 6 employees (4 PMs and 2 non-PM colleagues).

The course is split into 2 days and on the first day Gyde will present 2 hours of basic patent knowledge to the entire R&D team.

No confidential information will be added to this page, however, I will upload the topics we discussed and provide overviews etc. for your convenience.

– In this video (external link) I’ll run through the platform and what I’ve added and how to get access to the password protected material. https://www.berrycast.com/conversations/c811af03-af0a-5cdb-9ed1-de66a81c8c25

I enjoyed the two days at Gubra, although they where long and intense for all participants.


De bedste hilsner,



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Please note that all material in this course is covered by a two-way CDA. The 6 GUBRA employees who have been registered, will be granted access to the course for 2 years from registration. If you wish to extend this or provide access to additional colleagues, please reach out to me at gyde@patentsmarter.com

Downloading, screen dumping, and sharing of the material or profile password/login is not permitted unless the prior consent of Gyde Balzer Carstensen has been sought and given.



The material found in the specific “lesson” THANK YOU R&D (MATERIAL FOR DISTRIBUTION R&D ALL) provides an online flipbook and associated Password for sharing with colleagues in GUBRA (not externally).

All material shared by PATENTsmarter™ is for educational purposes only, and cannot be construed as legal advice. Please always consult your patent attorney or lawyer for such matters.